As an architect, I’ve made it a principle to avoid becoming dependent on specific vendors. That itself seems prudent, but is it really possible? Anyone who’s been in the industry knows of at least one vendor relationship that feels a bit one-sided. But getting rid of them isn’t that easy. Why? How did we get so dependent on them in the first place?

Enter the F/OSS people. Standards-based, maybe free. Not dependent on any vendor; you can get your F/OSS from multiple places. You are free to pick your own employees or consultants. Surely this is a means of getting…

In a previous article, I discussed building a cloud gaming PC in Azure. If you were successful in building it, you probably deleted fairly soon afterward because it didn’t work very well. Being the stubborn type, I refused to give up when I was so close. After some research into offerings in AWS, I found that the G4dn family provided the best gaming support in the NVIDIA Tesla T4 and the corresponding drivers. I’ll quickly cover the process in AWS here. Please refer to my previous post for further details.

OpenVPN Access Server setup stays the same. After some research…

Having found myself without my main PC for a weekend, I wondered if it would be possible to create something similar to GeForce Now, but with a better selection. Surprisingly, it is (almost) possible to do this using Azure (or AWS) and Steam. Maybe you will have better luck than I did, or perhaps you will find a way to make the network between Azure and your desktop more reliable. It is certainly on the verge of possible, and by the time you read this, it may well be worth doing.


This configuration now works streaming 30fps at 1080p…

I’ve been recommending that people consider an iPad Pro instead of a notebook lately. So I decided to follow my own advice and get one, and quickly found asking myself, “How am I going to code?”. The answer, of course, is a virtual desktop solution on a cloud provider. So how feasible is it really? Totally feasible, and it’s awesome!

What is an iPad Pro Anyway?

It’s actually a pretty powerful computer running iPadOS. iPadOS has support for bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and works quite nicely in landscape mode. Adding the Pencil opens up things like notetaking (OneNote) and drawing (Graphio). I won’t talk much about…

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to leverage WSL for your PHP development environment to save you the trouble of additional virtualization and for ease of use. Ideally we’d all run Linux, but for various reasons we can’t. That gap is closing, but in the meantime this recipe for a working PHP development environment on WSL2 might make things better.



We are aiming for the same experience on WSL as we’d get on Linux. I like…

Things have changed a lot. Gone are the days where a huge honkin’ desktop dominates your desk. Desktops are exchanged for notebooks, and in my case, notebooks exchanged for an iPad Pro. I won’t spend too much time dwelling on this, except to note that my needs now involve a solid thin client and cloud desktop. I’ve migrated a lot of the heavy lifting to the cloud.

It is in the course of building this cloud desktop that I’ve been able to really flesh out a good hybrid development environment. By hybrid, I mean both Windows- and Linux-based. And while…

Brian Richardson

IT Architect living in Calgary, Canada.

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